Just another SAHM

Daily Happenings, SAHM

Another Blog!!!! I’m All Blogged Out! Really, what has 2017 led us to become?!? I tried this whole thing before while in college, but life~oh life has hiked me down other paths.

But seriously,  today is another day and another year of new adventures.Who am I and where has this blue eyed crazy ideas girl been? Home, working at home as a wife and mother. So here is a tad bit of who this SAHM is:

  1. Mother of 2 lovely girls coming this August will be 5 and 1 year old.
  2. I decided to begin this whole blog thing again why????
    1. Because I am insane, jk.
    2. My life can be sooooooo boring as a SAHM. Right!
    3. I like to journal my thoughts out. Close……
    4. Because I just want to.
  3. At 35 I still love adventure as I did at 25.
  4. Workouts are a part of life, but not everything.
  5. Although I do like working out, this is not merely about exercising. There really is enough of those around, don’t we all agree.

In closure this will be a goal setting in what I like as far exercising as I am no expert. But it will also be a place for my thoughts and opinions of all things girly. Makeup, Nails, Haircare ladies and again no expert here. Also I do love Instagram, who doesn’t in 2017. A place that we can find all things we like and possibly like. Come along and follow me on a journey that won’t last forever. But maybe we can at least get through this little thing we call the everyday mundane.


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