Passion is Key

Daily Happenings

Passion is a wonderful thing. I do believe that in the midst of our own passions we forget that others passion is just as important as our own.

Yes we all have our differences. Even best friends can have difference of oppinions, and that is alright. It is how we react to these differences, how everyone reacts to anothers passion that makes us either understanding or maddening. Now I question, does everyone truly have a right to their own opinion in 2017?

As I look around and observe this planet, I see quite a lot of focus. But also a lot of disconnect. Laser focus on our differences that in turn causes us as society to no longer be beautifully passionate. To have passion, without connection, and not understanding.

For we have become mad. In this maddening chaos we speak and live in perpetual anger. A maddening rage that makes us feel that because others disagree with us, then NO ONE is LISTENING!!! All because we can’t “make” someone if not everyone change to “our” points of views/ in it as “our side”.


  • Passion is defined as a severe, driving or all consuming sensation or conviction. Passion is frequently compared with feelings, where in an indevidual is effected involuntarily with severe carnal desire.  – Psychology Dictionary

Severe carnal desire?….. Sums us up perfectly in the modern age. Every time social media or news media is listened to. [Or should I put here the media is absorbed as a sponge with their points of views] We are living in the era where we have leared to listen to either left or right. Not both, because that could alter the ultimate point of view and some change/squash your passion!

How about question this……. how divided are we, how did it get so divided and where is understanding. Just understanding of someone that has a difference in opinion, passion or values. I simply want to add right here; further division is not the answer. Acceptance with understanding of anothers passion that differs from your can help. Maddening comments that tear others down because your passionate about so and so, how dare you disagree and follow along the blue line instead of my red line! Yes, that is the reality of 2017 in a “civilized” world.


Percy Quin State Park

Think of this little food for thought. Why can’t we have our differences and work through them? Or why can’t she on the red line of life disagree with she on the blue line and just accept things without trying to change little miss blue to her red passions? It seems so much less stressful and more harmonious that instead of [in with the Dr. Phil statement] always being right fighters, just accept that another’s passions are just as wonderful as your own passions.

Remember, everyone has different points of views in their own opinions. Just as all of us have something we are passionate about. That is fine to have these differences, but we don’t need to go mad trying to get others to see that we are right and they are wrong. And we don’t need all of the ugly back and forth on “here’s why”, “here’s proof” or “I told you.” I’m changing your mind mentality all because you read/watched a post on facebook or instagram and felt passionate to try and change it.

Passion: a beautiful thing that can cause such chaos.

Passion definition; Psychology Dictionary,


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