YouTube and Plenty of The Bean

Daily Happenings, SAHM

I dont always watch YouTube. Sometimes I find a video or channel to be quite amusing for the moment. But that is the extent of my YouTube play. This month is The Russian grandma Tatiana. No, I do not speak or comprehend Russian at all. Yet her videos are still entertaining.


Hobbies that Connect us.

Eventhough there is a language barrier, I find Tatianas videos entertaining. Simply because of the Joy that is seen in her short videos on social outlet. Her hobby is not that different than any of the million hobbies I dream up on any given day.

IF I was to find a camera, document on youtube all my scrapbooking ventures, someone thousands of miles away may just get it. Not even understand anything I was saying, but they would get it because of the equal connection of hobbies. And in some cases the equal connection of the daily ins and outs of life.

One of the other videos I sometimes catch, while I sip my cuppa motivation. Or when it’s nap time: my 5 minutes to kill I’ll catch a Kristina Kuzmic video. Which at times have me almost losing my coffee over how truthfully funny her videos get. These are the videos that everyone can just get it.

Just Get it,….Just relax and Get it.

Since YouTube and other social media outlets, the world is smaller than ever. We should remember one key thing, in a globalized world, we are all humans that can reach out to eachother like never before dreamed. The best thing to also remember as social media can get so nasty. Everyone has opinions and that is fine. Just remember to just sit back, drink the coffee and just enjoy a Russian Granny every now and then. Or maybe a video of goats runnuing around in pajamas.

A bientot!


Coloring book of the Girly……

Daily Happenings, SAHM

What is the definitive girly, everyday girly?? The one that loves a tad bit of Glam but maybe not over-the-top glamour. What does it mean to paint on the face? Also why is it that we are so “obsessed” with having a bigger makeup kit than yesterday? We all can not be makeup artists for a living. We know this……still we have 20 pinks, 10 reds for our lips; then 100 shades for our eyes. (Sometimes it looks nice, other times we question why we even purchased that shade of Lime\Kiwi Green).

It can’t always be marketing that we feel we have to have the next fabulous HEAT palette? At least it’s not that way for me. I tend to be the hard to sale to girly, unless I need it or want it already and have my mind made up I will get Product Y. No sales person can sale me anything, the door to door people have to find a new house to sale to. Sorry Mary Kay, No Way!!!

Again, why must this or any of us GIRLY have all this makeup? The answer is simple, I will answer it for the guys with one question for them. Why does a non- mechanic need 5 or more screwdrivers, 20 piece drill bit set, or even a sleuth of socket wrenches collecting dust in the foreground known as the man cave? Dramatic, well that’s what it sounds like when anyone questions a Girly-Girl’s makeup kit. Now I am not here to mock anyone’s hobbies or how any of us freely choose to spend our hard earned money. I’m simply answering the age old, not so age old question of…….

Why so much makeup?

Yesterday we were all little kids, playing with Barbie and Ken Doll or even The Original My Little Pony. We all had our crayons, markers and some of us even got a lovely artists kit as we got older. Along with our First Tube of lipstick. clinique_long_last_lipstick_pink_chocolate__2_

It becomes every teenage girls daily routine of trying out different “looks”. That is what becomes the new coloring book of our lives. The 20 pinks is our way of deciding in the moment: which shade do we feel today and is it pretty enough with our blouse? The “pretty enough” part is not for anyone else, the pretty is in our own opinion based on mood and how often we wear that shade. It’s a personal choice, we know we don’t care what others opinions are of said shade. This choice is our crayon for the moment.

The Crayon we chose as little girls was too based on mood, how often we chose that shade, and what we were to color. The Box has 100’s of crayons in it but 95% of the coloring days we always go back to our favorite. It’s our mood lifter, our persona, and sometimes we just favor that color the most. So the day must come when that Crayon grows shorter and sometimes our favorite color is just gone! These are the days we go to the other lesser used Crayons. The colors we like, but we just save them for the special days and the bummed days. It is in our Girly minds that we find an uplifting in colors because in the end, that is what the world is made of. Many, many, many, many COLORS. So why just choose one all the time?

So it is down to expense.

  • YES: We know it gets expensive for no real reason. Other than its a Brand, and sometimes its just that Brand we can find said shade in. Or sometimes it is based on our skin type. (No need to ask, just nod your heads gentlemen, unless you are a scientist/dermatologist. Commence the eye roll.)
  • YES: We know we just bought that shade of Rouge, but some of us have busy lives and maybe something happened to that shade of Rouge.
    • It is not a tool, makeup either expires or the more tragic……Falls to the floor and shatters everywhere.
  • NO: We don’t just look up the most expensive, URBAN DECAY or Marc Jacobs brands. Just because you see it or hear it does not make them our only. We might have gotten that Marc Jacobs mascara as a free gift.
  • NO: Some of us as Girly as we can be, don’t always have to shop our lives away. Or spend all weekend in Sephora or ULTA. There is the internet we can always order from.

With all the makeup around, do we feel we have to have something in our handbag? I will add with the amount of makeup in my box, I don’t even bother to carry lipstick in my handbag. If it’s there it was put there in a hurry and then forgotten about. Another point is this: in the hurry run-run days do we still need to worry about the few minutes makeup takes? Yes! Even with 2 littles running around I’ll find time to put a bit of makeup on. Because it makes me feel ready to begin another run-run day. While I color in my face, my soon to be 5 year old is coloring her My Little Pony book.

Now why is makeup so important? Here is the secret, it’s not. But it does make a statement, saying how well we take care of ourselves. Grooming is essential in modern times, we don’t live in the middle ages. Some primp more than others, agreed, but still makeup is the coloring book of women. It’s the tiny bit extra, that gives us a morsel of delight, in the 10 minutes or so it takes us to make our statement to ourselves. A necessity, never, important, not the least bit.

In the end of the day, mascara smears and the rouge fades into the wash. To some it seems utterly useless and that is fine. Some may read this and think what a waste of money for something to just wash away hours after applying. That is true in itself, but one can also argue that Coffee is a waste of money for a little pick me up. Yeah, that’s preposterous. So Crayola has its many, many shades of crayons, and this Girly will also have her many shades of liners and shadows galore.


Coffee Chat some more, what is the craziest thing anyone has told you about those that wear makeup? Have you experienced the too heavy makeup? Or any other makeup quips or thoughts.


Coffee Chat Social

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Coffee Chat can be found on Facebook.

Yay!!!! I’m so excited, this venture is the stress release we all need. The world can be crule, ugly and so harsh amongst people. Not this utopia of girly chat. FYI: this little jar I’m holding will be discussed in a post on my fav facial and neck care.

Come like us. We won’t plaster you in minty green gunk…..maybe a little while you sip your cuppa and tell us all your whatevers you want to discuss. Girly coffee is knocking at your door. Time for a cuppa and a chat, where all the crazy, frazzled days are left in the carafe.

Find me on instagram as well. Chat you soon.

Girl Talk: Makeup fads or trends that must end?

Daily Happenings

Wet Eye shadow; trendy or simply cheesy? Anything that makes the eyelids look oily or wet should be obvious don’t. Not in my makeup caboodle. But why is it a thing in the first place? Are we just that desperate here in 2010’s to be different that we have to make our eyelids look at a constant state of being – in – the – sun too long melty?

Lets take a stroll to late 1990’s when we all had to have the little jars from Claire’s of glitter gel and glitter powder.  We had to have the shine on, some subtle while others looked more like they had a glittery accident in art class walking the halls. Well all that glitters is gold, and we knew it was going to be one of those fashion trends that soon will fade into the wonder years of life. Much like our parents generation’s fashion, glitter – glitter in my hair was our bell bottoms class of…..never mind.

On to the wet eyes decade, the days of eye gloss? I don’t have a problem with it, to each their own. But this does remind me again of the 90’s makeup fads. My mother had these tubes from clinique, but they were not concealer. they came in berry colors, orange coral, and some others.

These did not have the same effect as eye gloss. But this type of makeup have been around for quite sometime. GLOSS: not just for the lips, girls. But what I don’t care about eye gloss is it also reminds me of growing up in Texas in the summertime. Wear a little eye makeup and step outside for 2 minutes, your eye makeup now looks just like the trendy eye gloss. So if you live in a very humid climate, I just saved you a few dollars.

So as this fad is found all over pintrest and magazines, I’ll stick to my matte. Just remember days of long ago in the 90’s when we all walked the halls with our glitter hair and face. We did not have selfies then. Lets keep coloring into the lines with these trends or fads, because why do we need 5 or even 50 of the same shade? We are girly women and we like to color in the lines. Our face is our adult version coloring book. But Shhhhhhh, they may find us out and we may not get that ultra cute hot pink Milani lipstick.

Asking all  ladies sipping their affogato, cappuccino or americano.  If you don’t like the look of eye gloss, could there be anyway it could become convincing to try? Or are we going overboard the Gloss ship? Have you tried eye gloss and why do you like it?

In another 5 years maybe tomorrow we will be watching another makeup trend. Until a new fad comes around: May your coffee always be strong and our chats blissful as a biscotti. A bientot!

How to is here!!!!

Daily Happenings

Sometimes being a stay at home mom, you have to be the entertainer. I think it’s mostly to keep the sanity. But sometimes all one needs are some traditional comics plus you and your spouse end up becoming a duet of a comic relief. Well let me introduce you to the real life Lockhorns. We are that couple from time to time. Sit back and allow my true stories of folly entertain you.

How to give your Husband heart failure while making baby laugh. LOL

*phone rings* In the middle of the conversation as he talks about mobile phone has been paid, and a couple other monthly happy bills have been paid. The usual no stress conversation as I finish putting the onesie on baby.

“$100.00 left in the account then. I just looked before I rang you.”

{Not really, but he’s falling for it} Meanwhile baby is laying there laughing like it’s the best joke she’s heard in her entire 10 months of life.

“No, there is a lot more in there, I just looked.” I can hear his heart rate rise over the phone.

“But seriously, I just looked and the account said $100.00.”  Again not seriously, but oh so funny.

“Let me check cause I know what it said…”

“Just kidding, I know what it read.” Heart Failure, Check Mate.

Just one of the several times my husbands almost went into cardiac arrest because of my antics. Is it mean, no, does he survive, yes. Gives me a laugh, the baby and kindergartener a laugh and husband knows he’s still alive because the ambulance didn’t have to be phoned. Plus I think it’s good for his health. He will disagree and find something that will back him up that I shouldn’t be so cruel. But it’s all in good show.


The day I bought a dress and told him the actual price.

The dress was just a tad over $100. But in reality it was on sale plus the clerk used a store coupon. So I only paid $40. As I waited for him to read the receipt because of how much this dress “was”. He was about to get livid cause he said I could get a dress or outfit, not spend what he spends on my Dead Sea Cosmetics.  Well he now know the trick. Before he noticed how I was shopping, he suffered only a few mild cardiac failures. It was hilarious, the terror, the you know better looks, and the ” I said you could go to the Mall, I didn’t say……..{reads receipt here} Never mind!”

College Sociology Assignment

Now this story had me ashamed. I was the one to do the assignment and it still had me ashamed of myself.

BACK STORY  A few years ago, one of my professors gave us an assignment. The class was sociology and the assignment was to do something out of societal norms. Obviously nothing illegal, but to do something like the scene on Impractical Jokers. Where they were in a library and using whistles and symbols. Something against societal norms as the library is meant for being quiet but the guys went in making all sorts of noise. Nothing to research on the computer, just quite a bit of note taking and coming up with questions to ask the unknowing participants. My unknowing participants: Husband and his teenage sons that know I was raised better. Intrigued? Good, let me tell you all about this heart failure that if I say so was genius.

Heart Failure # 3: I cooked dinner as usual, nothing out of the norm. Set the table and everyone was comfortable eating the evening meal. Everything is perfect so far. That’s when I put my feet on the table next to my plate {I need to pause for a shudder} and somehow calmly ate while my husband was suffering heart failure. He couldn’t eat LOL!! He could not even move. HaHaHaHa I think it took almost an hour, at least that is what that improper move made it feel like, before he asks WHY? My assignment got an A+.

I hope you enjoyed these little comical tidbits. Let us know your little comical moments in the comments. See you next sip of the coffee.




Passion is Key

Daily Happenings

Passion is a wonderful thing. I do believe that in the midst of our own passions we forget that others passion is just as important as our own.

Yes we all have our differences. Even best friends can have difference of oppinions, and that is alright. It is how we react to these differences, how everyone reacts to anothers passion that makes us either understanding or maddening. Now I question, does everyone truly have a right to their own opinion in 2017?

As I look around and observe this planet, I see quite a lot of focus. But also a lot of disconnect. Laser focus on our differences that in turn causes us as society to no longer be beautifully passionate. To have passion, without connection, and not understanding.

For we have become mad. In this maddening chaos we speak and live in perpetual anger. A maddening rage that makes us feel that because others disagree with us, then NO ONE is LISTENING!!! All because we can’t “make” someone if not everyone change to “our” points of views/ in it as “our side”.


  • Passion is defined as a severe, driving or all consuming sensation or conviction. Passion is frequently compared with feelings, where in an indevidual is effected involuntarily with severe carnal desire.  – Psychology Dictionary

Severe carnal desire?….. Sums us up perfectly in the modern age. Every time social media or news media is listened to. [Or should I put here the media is absorbed as a sponge with their points of views] We are living in the era where we have leared to listen to either left or right. Not both, because that could alter the ultimate point of view and some change/squash your passion!

How about question this……. how divided are we, how did it get so divided and where is understanding. Just understanding of someone that has a difference in opinion, passion or values. I simply want to add right here; further division is not the answer. Acceptance with understanding of anothers passion that differs from your can help. Maddening comments that tear others down because your passionate about so and so, how dare you disagree and follow along the blue line instead of my red line! Yes, that is the reality of 2017 in a “civilized” world.


Percy Quin State Park

Think of this little food for thought. Why can’t we have our differences and work through them? Or why can’t she on the red line of life disagree with she on the blue line and just accept things without trying to change little miss blue to her red passions? It seems so much less stressful and more harmonious that instead of [in with the Dr. Phil statement] always being right fighters, just accept that another’s passions are just as wonderful as your own passions.

Remember, everyone has different points of views in their own opinions. Just as all of us have something we are passionate about. That is fine to have these differences, but we don’t need to go mad trying to get others to see that we are right and they are wrong. And we don’t need all of the ugly back and forth on “here’s why”, “here’s proof” or “I told you.” I’m changing your mind mentality all because you read/watched a post on facebook or instagram and felt passionate to try and change it.

Passion: a beautiful thing that can cause such chaos.

Passion definition; Psychology Dictionary,

Everday Coffee

Daily Happenings, SAHM

What is my go to bean??? Maxwell house and on occassion Gevalia. These are the everyday cup of choice. Along with Community as the boldness hits the pallet just right.


Why am I not so fond of Folgers? There is something about that brand leaves a lasting bad taste in my mouth. That would have to be my desperate for caffiene cup. Otherwise no one will see that in my hands and deffinately not my cupboard.

So today’s coffee talk, which will be a random post for all that follow, we have looked a few of my fave everyday cuppas. What is your go to cup of bean goodness? What is it about the brands you don’t like? And did you know you could always used the left over granuels as a nice facial scrub? Since it’s already used and we are just going to toss it, why not repurpose it from time to time for our beauty repetoire? I do love my dead sea beauty products, but sometimes as a SAHM  we have to improvise. Plus the antioxidants are said to give an all natural glow to the skin. So chat up your thoughts, grab your cup and think of all tge wonderful things that bean is doing for the sake of beauty, mind and sanity.

Home Ec 101

Daily Happenings, SAHM

Home Ec = Life Skills.  Here we are, skills and the everyday adult necessities to get through this life thing. OMG! I have to begin by stating that I am concerned. Concerned by the new generation of adults. I’m certain by now everyone understands what I am writting about. Just hold your thoughts, please let me finish mine.

“Watching” t.v. (it was on and I was feeding baby) heard the News segment about cooking classes and auto mechanic classes ect ect. In the segment they said these classes were not for further developing skills one at the age of 20 should already posess. But basic life skills, not cook like Julia and Jacques, but learn to boil water and other every day kitchen know hows. Studies they stated have found on average a 20 year old does not know how to cook a hard boiled egg. Seriously….

My conclusion to this, they can drive an automobile, but can not figure out how to make basic grilled cheese? Wait 1 minute here, do these new upcoming adults know the difference between a wrench and screwdriver?                           ( Screwdriver, actual tool, not a drink). Alright, back to the topic at hand.

Basic life skills 101.

I believe that before High School is over, and the cap goes flying in the air. Girls and Boys must know a few skills that will allow them to work it after they leave the halls of school years behind.

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Fixing/Mending
  • Finances

In all fairness, it is kind of cute when we hear/see the jokes of college students coming home just to have mommie do the laundry. But has society followed along and become so inept that a 20 year old looks at a coffee maker and says “how”? Seriously was what I saw in that little News segment. Or a 17 year old looks at a washing machine and questions “Where’s the button (App) to put the clothes in it?”

All jokes and quips aside, I just can’t be the only 30 something looking around at those 10-15 years younger and think society is doomed. Why is it that basic life skills that parents; my parents and grandparents, taught me is somehow so hard to teach the next generation all of a sudden? I get life gets busy and insane. I understand it would be easier to just clean your sons room yourself instead of facin a mini battle. But how it that beneficial to our children?

Remember this simple thing. We all are not or can not always “be there” to hold their hands. Just as the bird has to spread their wings and leave the nest, so do our children. Make it easier on them as the grow into adulthood and teach them a few minutes a week or so. Who knows, your child may surprise you with dinners they made in your golden years.

Just another SAHM

Daily Happenings, SAHM

Another Blog!!!! I’m All Blogged Out! Really, what has 2017 led us to become?!? I tried this whole thing before while in college, but life~oh life has hiked me down other paths.

But seriously,  today is another day and another year of new adventures.Who am I and where has this blue eyed crazy ideas girl been? Home, working at home as a wife and mother. So here is a tad bit of who this SAHM is:

  1. Mother of 2 lovely girls coming this August will be 5 and 1 year old.
  2. I decided to begin this whole blog thing again why????
    1. Because I am insane, jk.
    2. My life can be sooooooo boring as a SAHM. Right!
    3. I like to journal my thoughts out. Close……
    4. Because I just want to.
  3. At 35 I still love adventure as I did at 25.
  4. Workouts are a part of life, but not everything.
  5. Although I do like working out, this is not merely about exercising. There really is enough of those around, don’t we all agree.

In closure this will be a goal setting in what I like as far exercising as I am no expert. But it will also be a place for my thoughts and opinions of all things girly. Makeup, Nails, Haircare ladies and again no expert here. Also I do love Instagram, who doesn’t in 2017. A place that we can find all things we like and possibly like. Come along and follow me on a journey that won’t last forever. But maybe we can at least get through this little thing we call the everyday mundane.