Coloring book of the Girly……

Daily Happenings, SAHM

What is the definitive girly, everyday girly?? The one that loves a tad bit of Glam but maybe not over-the-top glamour. What does it mean to paint on the face? Also why is it that we are so “obsessed” with having a bigger makeup kit than yesterday? We all can not be makeup artists for a living. We know this……still we have 20 pinks, 10 reds for our lips; then 100 shades for our eyes. (Sometimes it looks nice, other times we question why we even purchased that shade of Lime\Kiwi Green).

It can’t always be marketing that we feel we have to have the next fabulous HEAT palette? At least it’s not that way for me. I tend to be the hard to sale to girly, unless I need it or want it already and have my mind made up I will get Product Y. No sales person can sale me anything, the door to door people have to find a new house to sale to. Sorry Mary Kay, No Way!!!

Again, why must this or any of us GIRLY have all this makeup? The answer is simple, I will answer it for the guys with one question for them. Why does a non- mechanic need 5 or more screwdrivers, 20 piece drill bit set, or even a sleuth of socket wrenches collecting dust in the foreground known as the man cave? Dramatic, well that’s what it sounds like when anyone questions a Girly-Girl’s makeup kit. Now I am not here to mock anyone’s hobbies or how any of us freely choose to spend our hard earned money. I’m simply answering the age old, not so age old question of…….

Why so much makeup?

Yesterday we were all little kids, playing with Barbie and Ken Doll or even The Original My Little Pony. We all had our crayons, markers and some of us even got a lovely artists kit as we got older. Along with our First Tube of lipstick. clinique_long_last_lipstick_pink_chocolate__2_

It becomes every teenage girls daily routine of trying out different “looks”. That is what becomes the new coloring book of our lives. The 20 pinks is our way of deciding in the moment: which shade do we feel today and is it pretty enough with our blouse? The “pretty enough” part is not for anyone else, the pretty is in our own opinion based on mood and how often we wear that shade. It’s a personal choice, we know we don’t care what others opinions are of said shade. This choice is our crayon for the moment.

The Crayon we chose as little girls was too based on mood, how often we chose that shade, and what we were to color. The Box has 100’s of crayons in it but 95% of the coloring days we always go back to our favorite. It’s our mood lifter, our persona, and sometimes we just favor that color the most. So the day must come when that Crayon grows shorter and sometimes our favorite color is just gone! These are the days we go to the other lesser used Crayons. The colors we like, but we just save them for the special days and the bummed days. It is in our Girly minds that we find an uplifting in colors because in the end, that is what the world is made of. Many, many, many, many COLORS. So why just choose one all the time?

So it is down to expense.

  • YES: We know it gets expensive for no real reason. Other than its a Brand, and sometimes its just that Brand we can find said shade in. Or sometimes it is based on our skin type. (No need to ask, just nod your heads gentlemen, unless you are a scientist/dermatologist. Commence the eye roll.)
  • YES: We know we just bought that shade of Rouge, but some of us have busy lives and maybe something happened to that shade of Rouge.
    • It is not a tool, makeup either expires or the more tragic……Falls to the floor and shatters everywhere.
  • NO: We don’t just look up the most expensive, URBAN DECAY or Marc Jacobs brands. Just because you see it or hear it does not make them our only. We might have gotten that Marc Jacobs mascara as a free gift.
  • NO: Some of us as Girly as we can be, don’t always have to shop our lives away. Or spend all weekend in Sephora or ULTA. There is the internet we can always order from.

With all the makeup around, do we feel we have to have something in our handbag? I will add with the amount of makeup in my box, I don’t even bother to carry lipstick in my handbag. If it’s there it was put there in a hurry and then forgotten about. Another point is this: in the hurry run-run days do we still need to worry about the few minutes makeup takes? Yes! Even with 2 littles running around I’ll find time to put a bit of makeup on. Because it makes me feel ready to begin another run-run day. While I color in my face, my soon to be 5 year old is coloring her My Little Pony book.

Now why is makeup so important? Here is the secret, it’s not. But it does make a statement, saying how well we take care of ourselves. Grooming is essential in modern times, we don’t live in the middle ages. Some primp more than others, agreed, but still makeup is the coloring book of women. It’s the tiny bit extra, that gives us a morsel of delight, in the 10 minutes or so it takes us to make our statement to ourselves. A necessity, never, important, not the least bit.

In the end of the day, mascara smears and the rouge fades into the wash. To some it seems utterly useless and that is fine. Some may read this and think what a waste of money for something to just wash away hours after applying. That is true in itself, but one can also argue that Coffee is a waste of money for a little pick me up. Yeah, that’s preposterous. So Crayola has its many, many shades of crayons, and this Girly will also have her many shades of liners and shadows galore.


Coffee Chat some more, what is the craziest thing anyone has told you about those that wear makeup? Have you experienced the too heavy makeup? Or any other makeup quips or thoughts.