Girl Talk: Makeup fads or trends that must end?

Daily Happenings

Wet Eye shadow; trendy or simply cheesy? Anything that makes the eyelids look oily or wet should be obvious don’t. Not in my makeup caboodle. But why is it a thing in the first place? Are we just that desperate here in 2010’s to be different that we have to make our eyelids look at a constant state of being – in – the – sun too long melty?

Lets take a stroll to late 1990’s when we all had to have the little jars from Claire’s of glitter gel and glitter powder.  We had to have the shine on, some subtle while others looked more like they had a glittery accident in art class walking the halls. Well all that glitters is gold, and we knew it was going to be one of those fashion trends that soon will fade into the wonder years of life. Much like our parents generation’s fashion, glitter – glitter in my hair was our bell bottoms class of…..never mind.

On to the wet eyes decade, the days of eye gloss? I don’t have a problem with it, to each their own. But this does remind me again of the 90’s makeup fads. My mother had these tubes from clinique, but they were not concealer. they came in berry colors, orange coral, and some others.

These did not have the same effect as eye gloss. But this type of makeup have been around for quite sometime. GLOSS: not just for the lips, girls. But what I don’t care about eye gloss is it also reminds me of growing up in Texas in the summertime. Wear a little eye makeup and step outside for 2 minutes, your eye makeup now looks just like the trendy eye gloss. So if you live in a very humid climate, I just saved you a few dollars.

So as this fad is found all over pintrest and magazines, I’ll stick to my matte. Just remember days of long ago in the 90’s when we all walked the halls with our glitter hair and face. We did not have selfies then. Lets keep coloring into the lines with these trends or fads, because why do we need 5 or even 50 of the same shade? We are girly women and we like to color in the lines. Our face is our adult version coloring book. But Shhhhhhh, they may find us out and we may not get that ultra cute hot pink Milani lipstick.

Asking all  ladies sipping their affogato, cappuccino or americano.  If you don’t like the look of eye gloss, could there be anyway it could become convincing to try? Or are we going overboard the Gloss ship? Have you tried eye gloss and why do you like it?

In another 5 years maybe tomorrow we will be watching another makeup trend. Until a new fad comes around: May your coffee always be strong and our chats blissful as a biscotti. A bientot!