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Daily Happenings

Sometimes being a stay at home mom, you have to be the entertainer. I think it’s mostly to keep the sanity. But sometimes all one needs are some traditional comics plus you and your spouse end up becoming a duet of a comic relief. Well let me introduce you to the real life Lockhorns. We are that couple from time to time. Sit back and allow my true stories of folly entertain you.

How to give your Husband heart failure while making baby laugh. LOL

*phone rings* In the middle of the conversation as he talks about mobile phone has been paid, and a couple other monthly happy bills have been paid. The usual no stress conversation as I finish putting the onesie on baby.

“$100.00 left in the account then. I just looked before I rang you.”

{Not really, but he’s falling for it} Meanwhile baby is laying there laughing like it’s the best joke she’s heard in her entire 10 months of life.

“No, there is a lot more in there, I just looked.” I can hear his heart rate rise over the phone.

“But seriously, I just looked and the account said $100.00.”  Again not seriously, but oh so funny.

“Let me check cause I know what it said…”

“Just kidding, I know what it read.” Heart Failure, Check Mate.

Just one of the several times my husbands almost went into cardiac arrest because of my antics. Is it mean, no, does he survive, yes. Gives me a laugh, the baby and kindergartener a laugh and husband knows he’s still alive because the ambulance didn’t have to be phoned. Plus I think it’s good for his health. He will disagree and find something that will back him up that I shouldn’t be so cruel. But it’s all in good show.


The day I bought a dress and told him the actual price.

The dress was just a tad over $100. But in reality it was on sale plus the clerk used a store coupon. So I only paid $40. As I waited for him to read the receipt because of how much this dress “was”. He was about to get livid cause he said I could get a dress or outfit, not spend what he spends on my Dead Sea Cosmetics.  Well he now know the trick. Before he noticed how I was shopping, he suffered only a few mild cardiac failures. It was hilarious, the terror, the you know better looks, and the ” I said you could go to the Mall, I didn’t say……..{reads receipt here} Never mind!”

College Sociology Assignment

Now this story had me ashamed. I was the one to do the assignment and it still had me ashamed of myself.

BACK STORY  A few years ago, one of my professors gave us an assignment. The class was sociology and the assignment was to do something out of societal norms. Obviously nothing illegal, but to do something like the scene on Impractical Jokers. Where they were in a library and using whistles and symbols. Something against societal norms as the library is meant for being quiet but the guys went in making all sorts of noise. Nothing to research on the computer, just quite a bit of note taking and coming up with questions to ask the unknowing participants. My unknowing participants: Husband and his teenage sons that know I was raised better. Intrigued? Good, let me tell you all about this heart failure that if I say so was genius.

Heart Failure # 3: I cooked dinner as usual, nothing out of the norm. Set the table and everyone was comfortable eating the evening meal. Everything is perfect so far. That’s when I put my feet on the table next to my plate {I need to pause for a shudder} and somehow calmly ate while my husband was suffering heart failure. He couldn’t eat LOL!! He could not even move. HaHaHaHa I think it took almost an hour, at least that is what that improper move made it feel like, before he asks WHY? My assignment got an A+.

I hope you enjoyed these little comical tidbits. Let us know your little comical moments in the comments. See you next sip of the coffee.





Home Ec 101

Daily Happenings, SAHM

Home Ec = Life Skills.  Here we are, skills and the everyday adult necessities to get through this life thing. OMG! I have to begin by stating that I am concerned. Concerned by the new generation of adults. I’m certain by now everyone understands what I am writting about. Just hold your thoughts, please let me finish mine.

“Watching” t.v. (it was on and I was feeding baby) heard the News segment about cooking classes and auto mechanic classes ect ect. In the segment they said these classes were not for further developing skills one at the age of 20 should already posess. But basic life skills, not cook like Julia and Jacques, but learn to boil water and other every day kitchen know hows. Studies they stated have found on average a 20 year old does not know how to cook a hard boiled egg. Seriously….

My conclusion to this, they can drive an automobile, but can not figure out how to make basic grilled cheese? Wait 1 minute here, do these new upcoming adults know the difference between a wrench and screwdriver?                           ( Screwdriver, actual tool, not a drink). Alright, back to the topic at hand.

Basic life skills 101.

I believe that before High School is over, and the cap goes flying in the air. Girls and Boys must know a few skills that will allow them to work it after they leave the halls of school years behind.

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Fixing/Mending
  • Finances

In all fairness, it is kind of cute when we hear/see the jokes of college students coming home just to have mommie do the laundry. But has society followed along and become so inept that a 20 year old looks at a coffee maker and says “how”? Seriously was what I saw in that little News segment. Or a 17 year old looks at a washing machine and questions “Where’s the button (App) to put the clothes in it?”

All jokes and quips aside, I just can’t be the only 30 something looking around at those 10-15 years younger and think society is doomed. Why is it that basic life skills that parents; my parents and grandparents, taught me is somehow so hard to teach the next generation all of a sudden? I get life gets busy and insane. I understand it would be easier to just clean your sons room yourself instead of facin a mini battle. But how it that beneficial to our children?

Remember this simple thing. We all are not or can not always “be there” to hold their hands. Just as the bird has to spread their wings and leave the nest, so do our children. Make it easier on them as the grow into adulthood and teach them a few minutes a week or so. Who knows, your child may surprise you with dinners they made in your golden years.