Not more coconut oil!

Haircare, SAHM


No this is not another “health benefits” or “it has been found on the contrary…” post. I am talking beauty benefits. If you have long hair and are a mother whom sometime rush and don’t condition all the time. This is for you.

Hair masks and hydration. Just the other day while my baby was taking her nap I was searching through pintrest out of bordeom. Surprised that there was hardly anything on hydrating and moisterizing for hair that wasn’t all natural. Majority was kartin this and that. Or vitamin E for strong strands. But nothing for natural remidies that don’t leave our long tresses greasy/dirty looking.

So here I am today, with baby laying next to me asleep.

Now sometime as us women let life keep us going, we can let our long hair go in our hurry-busy days and nights. To top it off we are watching little ones, we don’t have all the time to do the extra washes and style it can take when using such products.

That leads us to my go to hair – feels – like – the – salon magic graced her tresses. Coconut oil, 30 mins to an hour and 1 quick wash your done. (FYI: Make sure before you put the oil in, comb out all tangles.)


Combing out tangles makes a big difference. This will help with the hydration of strands. Also it helps in the washout. I do this approximately once a month or so, my experience has been I don’t feel I have to condition after each wash. Just a tip from one SAHM to another.

Another tip from me, coconut oil lasts longer than other products I’ve used in the past. Plus side you can get it at the supermarket instead of making special trips for the expensive products at the salon we all love. Paul Mitchell, it’s a 10 or Biolage. These products are great and I have used them for years. But sometimes in a hectic busy-busy life, we forget or are just too tired to take the extra TLC are long tresses deserve. Coconut oil has been a hair saver and time saver my hair absolutely loves, I’m sure.