YouTube and Plenty of The Bean

Daily Happenings, SAHM

I dont always watch YouTube. Sometimes I find a video or channel to be quite amusing for the moment. But that is the extent of my YouTube play. This month is The Russian grandma Tatiana. No, I do not speak or comprehend Russian at all. Yet her videos are still entertaining.


Hobbies that Connect us.

Eventhough there is a language barrier, I find Tatianas videos entertaining. Simply because of the Joy that is seen in her short videos on social outlet. Her hobby is not that different than any of the million hobbies I dream up on any given day.

IF I was to find a camera, document on youtube all my scrapbooking ventures, someone thousands of miles away may just get it. Not even understand anything I was saying, but they would get it because of the equal connection of hobbies. And in some cases the equal connection of the daily ins and outs of life.

One of the other videos I sometimes catch, while I sip my cuppa motivation. Or when it’s nap time: my 5 minutes to kill I’ll catch a Kristina Kuzmic video. Which at times have me almost losing my coffee over how truthfully funny her videos get. These are the videos that everyone can just get it.

Just Get it,….Just relax and Get it.

Since YouTube and other social media outlets, the world is smaller than ever. We should remember one key thing, in a globalized world, we are all humans that can reach out to eachother like never before dreamed. The best thing to also remember as social media can get so nasty. Everyone has opinions and that is fine. Just remember to just sit back, drink the coffee and just enjoy a Russian Granny every now and then. Or maybe a video of goats runnuing around in pajamas.

A bientot!